El Perro Dinero
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About Jotchua


Jotchua, also known as Esquizo (Schizo) and Perro Dinero (Money Dog).

Legend tells that changing your profile picture on social media to Jotchua (el Perro Dinero) will cause the world to rain money and riches down upon the user.

Jotchua is a good boy and is here to spread good fortune and good vibes, and now he is a Memecoin on the Ethereum blockchain!

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O/O Tax!

O/O Tax!

Contract Renounced!

DISCLAIMER: $JOTCHUA is a memecoin
with no intrinsic value
or expectation of financial return

Social Responsibility

Perrito’s around the world deserve the same care, love, and bond that you share with your best friends at home. $JOTCHUA looks to contribute to charities and causes that will directly help as many dogs as possible find a loving home.

Here is a list of charities $JOTCHUA has donated to thus far:

The Doggo Project

Jotchua Image
O/O Tax!

NFT and Shop:

Coming soon!

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